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Summers Insurance Brookfield, CT reviews

“I was at the DMV with my daughter who had just gotten her license.  I realized we needed our insurance cards to register her car, and I didn't have them with me.  I called Summers Insurance and one of their staff offered to deliver them to us so we wouldn't lose our place in line or have to go back.  She dropped what she was doing and hopped right in her car and drove all the way to meet me at the DMV to deliver my insurance cards to me.  Now of course these things can be done via email or text, but in that moment, this level of service was unlike anything else I ever experienced.  You wouldn't get that kind of service without working with an agent - and that's one of the reasons why I love being part of the Summers Insurance Family.”

Kelly S.

Danbury, CT

The Summers Insurance team is always so pleasant and accessible.  They give their clients their home and cell numbers!  I myself texted my agent on a Saturday morning while I was at an auto dealership picking up my new car to get it added to my policy.  They just make it as simple and easy as possible to deal with insurance.

Michelle B.

Manchester, NH

Summers Insurance has the absolute best customer service. Whenever you have any questions or need help, they are always available and provide helpful service. They always explain things to you if you and provide great suggestions. The customer service is first class!!! Highly recommend Summers Insurance!

Mike B.

Sherman, CT

I was looking to save money on my insurance. I called Summers for a quote, which they gave to me quickly, and that included a reduction in my premiums. They told me that they would continue to monitor any future savings for me and then actually called me a few months later to tell me about other discounts I could benefit from!!! Insurance is one of those things that I just want to deal with, get out of the way and not have to worry about again. And I know that with the people at Summers Insurance handling it, I will be paying the best price and getting really great, personal service - which you won't find with a lot of agencies, and definitely won't find if you try to go direct.

Wendy G.

Pleasantville, NY

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616 Federal Road 

Brookfield, CT 06804


P: 203.775.5400 (CT/NY)

P: 603.759.9763 (NH)

F: 203.775.5405


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